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Cardi B & Plastic Surgery: Separating Fact vs. Fiction Parcells Plastic Surgery

Cardi B has been in the media for discussing her breast lift (mastopexy) and liposuction procedures, and more recently her complications with surgical recovery. She’s had to cancel appearances and performances and as a result has received criticism from both the media and her fans.

Let’s discuss fact vs. fiction as it relates to her surgery and recovery.

Claim: She did not need surgery. Working out will fix all problem areas.

First off, it’s important to talk to your plastic surgeon about what is achievable with diet and exercise, and what transformation can be accomplished with surgery.

In Cardi B’s case, no amount of working out will address the deflation and descent of her breasts after the birth of her child. The only way to permanently and effectively address this is a breast lift, or mastopexy. In regards to her liposuction, I cannot comment on her diet and exercise regimen, or the area(s) that she had addressed.

Claim: Healing from surgery is quick and easy.

 Surgery is serious business, and it is important to give your body the proper time to heal. Though most women who have liposuction or a breast lift feel “recovered” in terms of pain and soreness within a few days, in reality it takes the body up between 6-12 weeks for swelling to subside and incisions to heal.

Cardi B described leg and ankle swelling that worsened with air travel (very common) and a long, hard recovery process that is now even longer because she returned to perform before her body was ready.

If you are thinking about having plastic surgery, make sure you see a board-certified plastic surgeon in consultation. Ask questions, become educated on your options, and make an informed decision. Surgery is a team effort on the part of the surgeon and the patient to optimize healing and achieve the best results.

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