MASTOPEXY (Breast Lift)

mastopexy, breast lift

The Facts:

Some women experience the descent and deflation of their breasts with aging, gravity, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and/or breastfeeding. These issues can be addressed with a mastopexy, or breast lift. This procedure may also be combined with an augmentation (implant placement) for additional volume. As both a woman and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Parcells is distinctively qualified to address your concerns and tailor her technique to achieve your desired results.


1.    Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

This operation is great for women who have breasts that droop because of the effects of time and gravity. A lift will restore the breasts and nipples to their ideal anatomic position. It may also correct breasts that are asymmetric, improve cleavage, make you more comfortable wearing clothing, and improve the appearance of your nipples and areolas. 


2.    How long does the surgery take? How long is the recovery?

On average, this surgery can take 3-4 hours. Most patients elect to have a numbing block in the recovery room which helps minimize or eliminate pain for several hours after surgery and allows them to go home the same day. Most patients describe mild discomfort for several days following surgery, and are back to their activities of daily living by a week. If implants are added to the lift, patients are in special bras to assist in shaping for several weeks after the procedure.


3.    Where is the scar?

A scar traditionally goes around the areola and down in a lollipop pattern. In some patients who need more of a lift, the scar extends under the fold and are the shape of an anchor. These scars heal very well. 


Before & After:

Case 1:

This patient suffered from capsular contracture (or tightness in the scar surrounding her breast implant) and sought to rejuvenate the shape of her breasts.

I performed a total capsulectomy (removal of scar capsule), removed her ruptured implants and replaced them with smooth round highly cohesive silicone gel. At the same time I lifted her breasts (combination augmentation / mastopexy). She is just as excited as I am with her results!

Case 2:

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.32.16 PM.png

This woman came to see me with significant breast deflation after weight loss.  A combination breast lift (mastopexy) and implant augmentation (with smooth round silicone gel) was utilized to achieve a youthful and attractive C cup breast.


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