In Our Patient’s Words:


“Dr. Parcells’ skills as an excellent plastic surgeon and an empathetic doctor made my breast reconstruction experience from a mastectomy a more humane experience. Having lost a sister to cancer I was seeking someone knowledgeable, caring and understood my body image concerns. Found her!”


“I saw Dr. Parcells after the ER did not sufficiently stitch up my lacerated finger. After 10 seconds of meeting her in the room, I knew I was in the best hands. She’s super smart, warm, and fixed my finger beautifully. I love how she is professional yet personable at the same time.

Spiro and Parcells are the perfect duo. I’m so thrilled she’s part of the practice. I will now be just as pleased in her hands as I am with Dr. Spiro.”


“I am delighted to recommend her to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.

My results turned out to be very close to a miracle. The procedure brought a vast improvement, above and beyond expectations. Everyone who has seen me since noticed that I look better and the best part is that nothing about my appearance is unnatural or indicates I had a procedure.

Dr. Parcells was very supportive, and her staff was wonderful. I could not be happier about the experience.”


“The best bedside manner and professionalism. She is a very caring doctor and I felt like part of the family in the office.”

“It's hard to express with words the immense gratitude I have for Dr. Alexis Parcells and her staff.  I contracted a bad infection. After I learned that my leg was infected with flesh eating strep bacteria. It was at this point that I learned that my life was in danger and that amputation may be necessary if the infection could not be controlled. 

I was transferred by ambulance to the burn unit at St. Baranabas where I met Dr. Parcells for the first time.  From the moment we met Dr. Parcells was confident that I would walk out of the hospital on two legs. Her confidence was contagious and inspired me to push myself throughout my recovery.  Her patience in answering all of my questions and those of my husband and children greatly reduced our anxieties.  The aura of positive energy that Dr. Parcells radiates strengthened my resolve to push through the darkest and lowest moments of my hospital stay.  It always felt that Dr. Parcells was treating me like I was her closest family member or her favorite patient. 

After almost 3 weeks I fulfilled Dr. Parcell's prophecy and I walked out of the hospital on two legs, looked up at the sun, felt the cool breeze against my face and sighed in relief.  Dr. Parcell's skill as a surgeon as well as her efforts to manage my treatment plan with the infectious disease doctors, nursing staff and physical therapists saved my life and my leg.  Following my discharge from the hospital I have been to Dr. Parcell's office for routine follow-up care.  Her staff is best-in-class.  It is because of Dr. Parcells that I am able to chase my grandchildren around the yard, take walks with my husband and continue to live my life to the fullest.  Dr. Parcells’ has given me a new lease on life and for that I am forever grateful.”



“After being treated by Dr. Parcells, my life has changed tremendously. For about 4 months, I suffered from surgical complications and no other doctor cared much to help my situation. After meeting the wonderful staff in which Dr. Parcells works with, my hopes for the future became better every visit. She has surpassed my expectations and truly performed a life changing surgery for me. The results I got were beyond better than what I imagined. Dr. Parcells in my eyes was truly a blessing and I will forever be grateful to her and her staff for their hard work. Thank you for now giving me a better outlook on my life and giving me so much more to look forward to.”


“Dr. Parcells recent stitched up our little Madeline (1 1/2 yo). She was extremely informative as to what she was doing from beginning to end. Even at follow up appointments she ensured us of things to expect! 3 weeks later you can barely tell my daughter even split her head open.”


“Very pleasant and competent. Chance of scaring reduced immensely. Always spot on time at her office for follow up.”


“Dr. Parcells is an excellent surgeon! She is very attentive. After the surgery I felt confident that all my issues would be solved thanks to Dr. Parcells! Appreciate your awesome work!”